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Koi Pond, Lake, and Water Feature Maintenance

Koi ponds need to be cleaned often to maintain a healthy environment. We preserve the established organic matter that exists within and remove excessive sludge, muck, and debris from the bottom of the pond. Our cleaning process depends upon your pond’s specifications.
With our expertise, we provide you with a sparkling clean pond without harming the fish and their habitat.
We can provide routine service, maintenance, repairs, and re-construction services to your pond, lake, fountain, or water feature if it is not performing as it should. We also offer seasonal planting, fish consulting, and new pond construction consulting as part of our services.
koi pond maintenance​ service
Maintaining a koi pond requires time, care, and knowledge. We are here to provide that service to you, through regular cleanings, maintenance of pond equipment, necessary repairs, and fish evaluation.
To keep koi healthy, the equipment within the pond must be functioning properly and the water must be well aerated to maintain necessary oxygen levels for the fish. We will monitor your pumps, clean your filters, evaluate your water’s pH balance, remove debris, and add beneficial bacteria when needed. We will also identify issues within your pond, such as leaks or malfunctioning equipment. We promise to keep your pond looking clean, clear, and healthy.
We have seen just about every pond, fountain, and water feature system imaginable and we are familiar with how these systems operate and what they need. You can trust the experience of our experts to provide top-quality care and service to your oasis.
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