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We are a full-service Walnut koi pond maintenance company that specializes in the maintenance, repair, and consultation of koi ponds, lakes, fountains, and water features.

Walnut Koi Pond Maintenance

Koi ponds in Walnut need to be cleaned often to maintain a healthy environment. We preserve the established organic matter that exists within and remove excessive sludge, muck, and debris from the bottom of the pond. Our cleaning process depends upon your pond’s specifications.
“With our expertise, we provide you with a sparkling clean pond without harming the fish and their habitat.”
Gold N Koi has seen and provided maintenance to just about every pond, fountain, and water feature system imaginable and we are familiar with how these systems operate and what they need. You can trust the experience of our experts to provide top-quality care and service to your oasis.
walnut koi pond maintenance
walnut pond cleaning

Walnut Pond Cleanout

You can be sure your Walnut pond cleanout is handled by professional pond technicians. If needed, we pair with specialized contractors for larger projects. Regardless of size or difficulty, we can handle the job. From koi ponds, garden ponds, to commercial water system ponds, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Upon completion, your pond will be clean, clear, and beautiful once again!
“We have maintenance packages available for every budget, and maintain a variety of filtration systems for every pond or water system”

In need of maintenance, cleaning, or repairs of your pond in Walnut? Call us today!

Walnut Pond Repairs

Walnut pond repairs are handled with experience and precision. We can identify and correct any problems that may arise with your pond, stream, or water feature. Whether you have an algae problem, waterfall issues, water loss or leaks, green or smelly water, pump issues, lighting needs, or simply just have questions on how to best care for your pond, give us a call.
We can service any type of koi pond or water feature, regardless of size. From residential to commercial properties, we will ensure that after the pond water system repairs are complete you will have a healthy flowing pond.
walnut pond repairs

Walnut Koi Pond Cleaning

If you are looking for a specialized professional for your Walnut koi pond cleaning, look no further! Our experience and expertise will ensure the best physical integrity of your pond. Our technicians have extensive knowledge in koi health, pond filtration, aquatic plant care, and the chemical and biological compounds of pond water. Our services will ensure your pond remains a beautiful addition to your home or business.
  • Move all fish to a portable holding tank (if needed)
  • Remove all water from the pond (or water feature)
  • Remove sludge, muck, and any other debris
  • Pressure wash the entire surface
  • Clean the skimmer, filtration system, and other equipment
  • Refill the pond
  • Add water treatments to help establish a new healthy ecosystem
  • Return fish to the pond
  • Monitor the pond to ensure optimal ecosystem health
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